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How to Hide a Smuggler in the Star Wars Galaxy

The Star Wars Galaxy. Click to embiggen.

All you scoundrels out there, if you are ever on the lam from the Hutts, head straight for the Outer Rim planets, the least settled or explored expanse of the Star Wars galaxy.

It is filled with thousands of diverse and rugged planets, many of which are hives of scum and villainy. In other words, the Outer Rim planets are perfect places for a smuggler to hide.

Star Wars Outer Rim Planets

System: Felucia
Terrain: Jungle, Flat, Moist
Homeland of the Jungle Felucians

Felucia is a humid jungle planet where various factions will often via for control in order to maintain authority over the Perlemian Trade Route. As a result, it has been the location of several battles during the Clone Wars, and later has hosted Imperial outposts.

The planet is largely uninhabited, making it a perfect place for a smuggler looking to stay out of the spotlight. However, it is home to the Jungle Felucians, an amphibious sentient race that traverse the jungle swamps of Felucia. Felucian arms and legs end in four large, webbed digits, with suction-cup fingertips. Growing from the underside of each arm is a shorter, smaller arm that ends in three larger fingers. A Felucian’s head consists of a thick mass of tendrils with illuminated tips, and they have a mouth and eyes that glow bright red.

The planet is also known as the site of the assassination of Aayla Secura, who was betrayed by the 327th upon the execution of Order 66. Come to think of it, maybe it isn’t such a great planet for a smuggler’s hideout.

System: [REDACTED]
Terrain: Desert
Homeland of [REDACTED]

One year after the Battle of Endor, the Battle of Jakku left the desert planet littered with the hulls of downed space ships.

The abundance of starship debris would make a perfect hideout for a smuggler, or would line the pockets of a scavenger. Reports are that [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] have made their home on Jakku.

System: The edge of Wild Space
Terrain: Wet, with Mountains, Valleys, Plains, Seas
Homeland of the Kurtzen (and later, humans)


A smuggler on the lam would want to avoid Hutt Space so Bakura couldn’t be a better fit, being that it would put you on the other side of the galaxy. In addition, Bakura exports metals, repulsorlift coils, and namana, an addictive fruit that is desirable across the galaxy, so shipping work could be an option for you.

The bad news is that the planet was invaded by the Ssi-Ruuk – a saurian species from the Unknown Regions of the galaxy – and although they were defeated, the planet remains on high alert.

One last thing. A past droid rebellion has the planet’s inhabitants a little techno-phobic, so you might want to lock your droid in your cargo hold.

System: Quelii
Terrain: Temperate, with Canyons, Forests, Swamps, and Mountain Peaks
Homeland of the rancor and the Witches of Dathomir

The apex of Dathomir’s native food-chain is the mighty rancor. Surprisingly, the Dathomirian rancor is a semi-lenient species that has made progress towards basic civilization like kindled fire, shaped tools, and basic armor and weapons.

The rancor social system and lifestyle is matriarchal herds, hunting live prey for food. Needless to say, you’ll probably want to avoid them as much as possible.

Dathomir is also home to the Nightsisters (Witches of Dathomir), which give the whole planet a slightly creepy dark side vibe. But if that’s the way you swing, then Dathomir is for you.

It’s also close to the Hydian Way, a major trade route, just in case you might get the itch to go back into the smuggling business.

System: Carlac System
Terrain: Snowy Plains and Mountains
Homeland of the Ming Po


Carlac was relatively untouched during the galaxy-wide Clone Wars, only to be dragged into the fray late in the conflict. The planet is snow covered, so pack a jacket. 

The native Ming Po are a peaceful and trusting people, who would surely shelter you in their simple villages. This makes it an ideal planet for a smuggler trying to hide.

System: Wayland System
Terrain: Temperate, with Forests and Mountains
Homeland of Psadans and Myneyrshi

Close to both Dathomir and the Mid Rim, Wayland is a lush, semi-tropical planet. It was colonized during the Galactic Republic era and served as a field hospital during the Mandalorian Wars.

History says that a filing error removed all record of the planet from astrogation charts and planetary logs, so that years later, people were unsure if “Wayland” was the planet’s real name or an Imperial codename.

Wayland was rediscovered by Palpatine, who determined its isolation and uncharted nature made it ideal for a storehouse of arcane artifacts and secret technology. So be careful, there is dark side stuff there (but maybe you are into that).

The Psadan is an indigenous race of Wayland, and are evolved from hard-shelled mammals. As a result, they are covered with lumpy plates that make them resemble talking rocks. The Myneyrshi are tall humanoids with four arms and a smooth layer of blue crystalline flesh. Those two fight a lot.

System: Karthakk System
Terrain: Arid, with Lava Lands, Mountains, Sulfur Pools, Red Deserts
Homeland of Nym’s Criminal Empire


Lok is home to a cantina called Brogar’s Safe House which has served as a safe-house for fugitives before, meaning that a smuggler on the lam would get a nice welcome.

Lok is also home to the Warlord Nym’s criminal empire, which features a pirate group called the Lok Revenant. That should give you plenty of work, but it’s not the place you’d want to call home if you hope to settle down with a nice Twi’lek to start a family.

Something curious about Lok is the mysterious “Great Maze of Lok”, a square maze with a small oasis in the middle. No one knows when it was built or why, but it might prove to be a fun activity, should you want to load the family in the mini-speeder for a day out.

There you have it. 7 Outer Rim Planets in the Star Wars Galaxy. Each provide you with options to hide a smuggler. If these Outer Rim planets aren’t off the beaten path enough, then you’ll need to take your chances with Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. If that’s the case, what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself in?!?

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