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A Recap and Review of Agents of SHIELD Episode 320: Emancipation

With the movie universe dropping the bombshell that is Captain America: Civil War, have you been wondering if it would impact the agents of SHIELD? Nerds on Earth recaps and reviews Agents of SHIELD episode 320: Emancipation in order to take a look at the bomb’s impact.

A Recap of Agents of SHIELD Episode 320: Emancipation

I was impressed with how they used the Sokovia Accords, which basically mean every powered individual needs to register or else, as a launching point to move the television show forward quickly. (And maybe even too quickly.)

Coulson and May have a little debate, as they are back and nursing their wounds, some literally as Mac recovers from the beat down that he got at possessed Daisy’s hands to close last week’s episode. As General Talbot shows up, we get the Civil War tie-in, with Talbot suggesting the President wants to bring SHIELD in, including registering the Inhumans on the team.

Agents-of-SHIELD-Emancipation-Coulson-Talbot-Mack-ElenaOf course, Coulson is Team Cap and is against the idea of his team being registered. So he takes Talbot to the headquarters where he meets the returned Yo-Yo, Lincoln, who is under medical observation and, lastly, Lash.

Yo-Yo and Mack continue their thing, having deep conversations, with her reminding him to have faith, even giving him a cross at the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Hive and the crazy scientist are trying to again make Inhumans. They have determined that Daisy’s DNA and Kree infused blood from Coulson’s transfusion back in the day make her the best candidate for a donor. So she is giving blood and being wore down, but also hacking SHIELD’s systems, staying one step ahead of Fitz as he works to keep her out. The long game? She hacks into Lincoln’s cell and promises to help him get free.

1431011384jpg-684f4e_765wMeanwhile, Hive and the Aussie decide their best candidates are the Watchdog gang from earlier this season. After the Watchdogs have been “recruited”, they undergo transformation becoming very, well, zombie like. After the scientist asks for another chance, Hive declares them to be good enough.

Lincoln is guided by Daisy to escape, stealing away in a Quinjet. When the Quinjet lands we get a massive twist: Lincoln isn’t on the plane; Lash is. Which most definitely surprises Hive.

They then go all out into battle, with it ending with Lash freeing Daisy from her possession in a dramatic scene, just before he is immediately killed by the Aussie with a fire chain through his chest as the Quinjet flies back to Shield and Daisy is returned and shown to be Hive-possession-free.

A Review of Agents of SHIELD Episode 320: Emancipation

So some thoughts on this episode:

The Lash reveal was awesome. I completely didn’t see it coming and it was great. Honestly, when it happened, I was stunned that we had more episode and it felt like the fight was rushed to get to the endgame. I wish there had been a more epic fight.

9352364_marvels-agents-of-shield-emancipation_8fe89f27_mLincoln is legitimate. It has been a slow burn with him but there is no doubt now: he is all in on Team Shield.

The ending. Feels sort of capped on. Hive evidently has a warhead and weaponized version of whatever happened to the Watchdogs. Next week is a two hour finale and…

We have no idea who is going to die. Yo-Yo giving the cross to Mack seems to doom him, since it has been seen prominently floating. My wild guess? Agent May. They have done much with her character but with the death of Andrew/Lash, I could see her being the Calvary one more time to save her new family: Shield.

8.5 out of 10 Nerds.

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