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Marvel Strike Force: Terms You Should Know: Part 3

Welcome back Marvel Strike Force (MSF) Mondays. Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Mobile Strike Force! Previous installments:

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Welcome back to Marvel Strike Force Mondays, late and on a Tuesday because 2020 is hard on everyone, y’all.

Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game – Marvel Strike Force! In this current series we are tackling terms you must know much more in depth. We have covered a great deal of in-game lingo, and now we are going to deep dive on a rather divisive word around MSF: spending.

Marvel Strike Force Spending

This is not going to be strictly about real world money spending, although that will be part of the discussion. Sorry to all the die hard penny pinchers out there, but if no one pays, it’s likely that no one plays.

Which brings us to our first term: FTP or Free to Play. MSF is free to play…technically. While you certainly can download the game from the iOS store for free, the developers certainly incentives you to spend real world money to fast rack your progression. But we all know this drill by now.

When it comes to spending, you may have many levels of spenders:

Whales – These are your top players/top spenders.

Krackens – Are the next wave of spenders, but really, isn’t a kracken bigger than a whale? 

Dolphins – Spend regularly, but smaller amounts.

Guppies – These guys might spend a $25 gift card if they have it, or will maybe buy a $2 offer here or there.

So as I stated before, if there were zero spenders, I am not sure we would have a game. So while there is a lot of trash talk back and forth from FTP to the spenders, the game needs us all and it’s good practice show a little more love, kindness, and understanding to one another in game! 

One guy who has embraced all ideologies of players is OH EM Gee. (Who is mobileGamer for all you Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes folks out there.)

Monday through Friday Oh EM Gee does a live stream via Twitch about which offers are best, so if you want to know about a specific offer I encourage you to check out his stream or the recording on youtube

Marvel Strike Force Filter
Can you get a 55K character without being a bit of a Kracken?

Marvel Strike Force Spending

Generally Oh EM Gee / MobileGamer has some consistent valuations of offers and here are some of those:

  • 100,000 Gold = $1
  • Gold Orbs = $2
  • Premium Orbs = $1
  • Mega Orbs = $5
  • 25 Training Materials (Orange) = $2
  • Training Orbs = $2
  • Ability materials – Oh Em Gee very rarely suggests buying these, as you should be in an Alliance that Raids enough to get them in game.
  • 250 Power Cores = $3
  • Character Shards – any character 50 shards for $2 is a MUST BUY!!

Now—for the sake of (Free to Play) FTP—we will flip to in-game currency:

Let’s start with Power Cores or, as Clave likes to call them, Diet Coke cans. These are best used on campaign energy refreshes and you absolutely should be using all of your 50 core refreshes every day. If you have an abundance you should also use the 50 Power Core refreshes in campaign character releases, like the Swarm Event that just happened, or She-Hulk who will be released in a campaign in the next patch.

Some people have had great luck with spending Cores on Orbs, but I would only suggest unique orbs for characters who are just being released.

When it comes to farming characters in store, you should have a priority list to work off of, and some of us have our favorite characters that will be top of our priority lists without a doubt. Which is great, play the game to have fun and level up the characters you like!

Here is an exhaustive sheet of where to find characters.

But here are the general priorities in each store:

  • Arena – Drax, Vulture, Heimdall, Juggernaut
  • Raid – Rocket, Thor, Cyclops, Mysterio
  • WAR – Mr. Sinister, X-23, Carnage, Sif
  • Blitz – Toad, Gamora, Mantis, Rhino, Domino*

Domino is tricky right now because she is only offered in the Blitz Orb, BUT if you have read my previous articles you should basically only be buying Blitz Orbs until you are like 5-15 shards short of a character you want to level up. The value is in the orbs because you get 5 shards (albeit random) and gold for less than buying the shards out right. So in the longer run you will be way better off spending currency on orbs! Raid store is similar! Although no gold, you get 9 total shards at random for less than the price of buying them out right!

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

Game Radar

We have a Sinister Assembly event going on right now and there have been many a video trying to unpack this event and explain the scoring: my boy Boilon nailed it again, but here is the quick version:

We are few days into this 10 event and you essentially need to amass 52,200 Sinister Assembly Orbs to cash in on the Doctor’s Orders Milestones. I know this seems complicated, but the long and short of it is that you get valuable rewards for all of these objectives! 

You unlock orbs at 3 levels:

  • 600 for blue
  • 1200 for purple
  • 1600 for orange

It would be wisest to play the long game and only spend points on orange orbs, but however you spend the points, you need to spend 52,200 of them.

How do you score points?

  • You get 1 point for campaign energy spent (auto win is just fine). 
  • You get 400 for completing your daily Raid Objective.
  • You get 300 for completing your daily Arena Objective.
  • You also get 35 points per Blitz win. (This is where you will make most of your points. But I can already hear the collective groan over more Blitzing. Well, you have another way…)
  • On top of this event are PvP daily refresh milestones that will net you 1750 sinister assembly orb shards (say that 10 times fast) so you can Blitz less. 

This event is one of the more confusing and convoluted events I have experienced in my 9 months in this game, but whatever, you get rewarded for playing a fun game on your phone!

Blitzes: Monday blitz is Elsa Bloodstone. Thursday blitz is Electr(a)o part 2. 

Legendaries: DOC OCK is here! You need 5-star X-Force, so there will be a lot of misses on this one.

  • Black Bolt: April 27th, August 17th, December 7th (Requires Asgardians 5-star)
  • Shuri: May 11th, August 31st (Requires Spider-verse 5-star)
  • Ebony Maw: May 25th, September 14th (Requires Inhumans 5-star with Black Bolt)
  • Phoenix: June 8th, September 28th (Requires Mystic Villain Controller 6-star)
  • Star-Lord: June 22nd, October 12th (Requires Guardians or Ravagers 5-star)
  • Invisible Woman: July 6th, October 26th (Requires Sinister Six 5-star)
  • Nick Fury: July 20th, November 9th (Requires Kree Minions 5-star)
  • Magneto: August 3rd, November 23rd (Requires X-Men and/or Brotherhood 5-star)
Marvel Strike Force Legendary Calendar
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