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Reviewing Agent Carter Episode 106: “A Sin to Err”

We watch Marvel’s Agent Carter and are usually dying to talk about it. Us Nerds on Earth writers will often banter back and forth via email, giving our first thoughts about the latest comic TV show we’re watching.

We’ll share it here, with the hope that amidst our back-and-forth you end up getting an oddly off-center review of the episode.

Spoilers follow for Agent Carter episode 106, A Sin to Err

[divider]Jason’s Opening Thoughts on Agent Carter Episode 106[/divider]

I hope your vacation was great. If you haven’t watched last week’s episode guest starring the Howling Commandos, you should. Peggy proves her worth and then some, as we also get some back story about Agent One Tree Hill.

This week’s episode is ramping up the action for certain. Really blown away by watching the layout of this season. They have paced this thing so well and we are headed for a great furious finish.

What did you think about the reunion of Jarvis and Peggy? They really are quite the odd couple and I love it. Seeing Jarvis take slap after slap for his playboy boss’s actions was quite funny. And I loved the quip:

“Do you really think Ginger Rogers is a Russian spy?”

tumblr_nj9nxncZV71tbr62eo6_1280Sousa. It made me so sad to see him realize it was her last week and then the stare down with Peggy in the alley this week. A good-hearted man that is confused. I am really pulling for Agent Carter and him to be long term husband and wife.

What else stood out to you? What is your take on the Russian Cold War build-up? I have an idea about what may be coming that I will drop on your next email. Suffice it to say, it would be a doozy of a season ender!

[divider]Clave Thoughts on the Pairing of Agent Carter and Jarvis[/divider]

I’m trying to win a ribbon for World’s Worst Review of Agent Carter, and the below is my entry.

I have to admit that even though I was able to catch last week’s Howling Commando episode, I didn’t get much from the episode. I don’t know is it was exhaustion or stressed distraction, but my mind wandered the entire episode and I unfortunately missed lots. Luckily, I did catch the major plot points such as Peggy proving herself and Agent One Tree Hill’s confession, which is thought were both well done.

Now the advancement of the Agent Sousa plot and the reunion of Jarvis and Peggy, that’s what I was looking forward to!

BRIDGET REGANFirst, the show simply works best with the odd coupling of Peggy and Jarvis. Those two work excellently together on screen, and the writer’s were smart to eliminate (straight away from episode 1) any sense of romantic tension between them, which would have only served to disrupt their subtle buddy cop vibe. In short, their reunion was great, as you mentioned.

Second, the subtle romantic mention of Sousa toward Peggy does work, and makes that storyline that much more emotionally evocative. I like the way you put it: “A good-hearted man that is confused.” While, I’m stopping short of husband and wife for those two, I do feel a satisfying ending to this season’s run has to include some sort of reconciliation between them. I might cry otherwise, and no one needs that.

Now I want your idea regarding the Russian Cold War! And tell me, why aren’t they slapping that ham anymore?

[divider]Jason’s Theory of Agent Carter’s Ending[/divider]

Friend, get ready to slap some ham, because here is what I think is coming: The Winter Soldier.

Bear with me here as I build out my case:

  1. This show has limited ways to connect to the MCU without the introduction of a messy, eye rolling time travel plot.
  2. The introduction of Leviathan and the Russians specifically fall right into the Winter Soldier backstory from the comics.
  3. The Winter Soldier can come, connect to the MCU, be the big bad for a bit and then can take the long nap until time for the Captain America sequel.
  4. Lastly, practically, the actor who plays the Winter Soldier isn’t super busy, so he probably has time.

Ham slapping good?

[divider]Clave’s Reponse to The Winter Soldier[/divider]

Woooooow, I hope that Agent Carter’s writers used Kang the Conquerer’s time traveling to go back with Professor X and read your mind before they plotted out the storyline. It would be the bees knees if the Winter Soldier is the big bad that closes out the remaining episodes. I like that theory.

Until next week, make mine Peggy Carter,

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