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Supergirl: Recap and Review of Supergirl Episode 204: Survivors

Hello nerds, welcome to our weekly recap and review of Supergirl!  Supergirl is one of my favorite shows currently, so I am excited to review it weekly. Let’s get to it!

Recap of Supergirl Episode 204: Survivors

This week’s Supergirl episode 204 “Survivors” focused on a serious and imminent threat: Veronica Sinclair, “Roulette.” Sinclair runs an underground alien fight club for National city’s upscale cliental.  The fight club was introduced at the end of last weeks’ episode and certainly takes front and center of this episode.

Supergirl and her allies do take down the alien vs alien fighting ring, but it does not appear Roulette will be a one episode type villain however. Couple that with the growing threat of Cadmus and we might just be in line for an epic few battles throughout this season!

supergirl-tv-miss-martian-revealA new alien introduced in the past couple episodes is M’gaan M’orrz, “Ms. Martian.”  M’gaan is heralded as the last daughter of Mars and thus has an instant connection to J’onn J’onzz as a fellow Green Martian. Hank pays a few visits to M’gaan and she first refuses to merge with Hank—a customary mental bond among Green Martians—while also warning him about returning to visit her.

His third visit ends with his capture and being forced to face off against M’gaan, because apparently to Roulette, “there can be only one…Green Martian.” During the fight J’onn appeals to M’gaan about why she fights and tells her that she does not have to punish herself for surviving.

The fight is then interrupted by Supergirl and company and we see the breaking up of the operation.  However, at the close of the episode we get another cliffhanger surrounding M’gaan M’orz as she shape shifts into the form of a white Martian, the race of beings responsible for the annihilation of the Green Martians.

We also follow the development of new comer Mon-el from the planet Daxom. Mon-el is discovering his reaction to the Earth sun has affected him much like it does his Kryptonian counter parts. Winn is charged with helping Mon-el discover the extent of his powers. Mon-el convinces Winn that they need to get out of DEO headquarters and the decision leads to a night of drinking which ends in Mon-el inadvertently injuring a civilian and having to defend himself against another.

We then witness a short conversation between Kara and Mon-el where he shares with her a tip about one of the aliens she had to face at the fight club, in case she is faced with him once again. While it isn’t much the tip proved helpful for Kara, and we can rest assured that Mon-el will be a major player in the storyline going forward.

Review of Supergirl Episode 204: Survivors

supergirl-recapWe are 4 episodes into season 2 of Supergirl, and the future of this show looks bright. The writers spent all of season 1 focusing on a pretty big group of main characters and developing them well. It looks like the early theme of season two is to expand the universe of aliens and introduce new players to National city.

Introducing so many new characters brings a few things:

New threats! Clearly Roulette and Cadmus are major threats to Supergirl. Though with the myriad of aliens to emerge from the seedy underground world of aliens in National city, we cannot be so foolish to think all, or even most, will end up as friendlies. National city and its protectors may have their hands full the rest of the season.

New Allies! We have a few new characters that fall into this category right away, and maybe a couple others to come. Maggie Sawyer seems to be a newfound ally, mostly for Alex Danvers as they work together respectively to keep the alien population of National city in check. I would put good money on Mon-el as a future member of the DEO and super powered ally to Kara Danvers and J’onn J’onzz.

New Wild cards! This is where we have some real fun coming. I am not sure what to do with M’gaan M’orrz. I mean clearly as a white martian we can assume she’s a villain, but I am going to claim her as a wild card for this season as there might be more to her.

We also have met Lex Luthor’s sister, Lena Luthor who has taking back the family company and is trying to restore the good Luthor name. Though, she had a couple interactions with Kara Danvers that would lead us to believe she may not be able to be trusted namely her helping Kara and replying, “you’ll be there for me when the time comes…” I mean, if that doesn’t scream wild card, I don’t know what does.

So as this season unfolds we have plenty of characters—new and old—to follow!  Supergirl episode 204 earns 8.7 our of 10 Nerds from this nerd!

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