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Marvel Strike Force: The Dark Dimension

Welcome back to MSF Mondays

Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Mobile Strike Force!

After a two week hiatus, I have emerged from my cave with vital information about entering the Dark Dimension. It took me 209 days to begin Dark Dimension 1 (DD1), at 305 days I have now completed DD1 and 2, twice. The real kicker is that I only entered DD2 at 298 days. I had heard the rumor that DD2 was actually easier for players to work through than DD1. I can now confirm that if you build your teams intentionally, DD2 will be a breeze.

So, my next two articles will be dedicated to Dark Dimension 1 and Dark Dimension 2!

Dark Dimension 1

While you do not need to complete DD1 to enter DD2, the rewards from DD 1 will help build your team for DD2, so it makes sense to go in order, but be mindful, the team that completes DD1 may not be the team that is best to get you through DD2.

There are many great videos out there on how to build the best team for DD 2, and here is a GREAT beginners guide to Dark Dimension by GoofyRhexxi.

He also talks, as most do, that you must plan ahead! A couple characters who are universally recommended were VITAL to my success. The key to enter the Dark Dimension is to understand it is all about the endgame now, you simply will not have the success that others achieve if you do your own thing and just level up your favorite toons. Which, of course, is your prerogative, however, certain characters are objectively more useful as endgame characters. We will get to those characters at the end.

Entering Dark Dimension 1 is dependent on star level, so you every well could enter DD1 with a motely crew of characters, and you will likely add more characters to the mix as you go. I entered DD1 with Mantis, Ant-man, Rhino, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. This was a decent team for the first 2 nodes, and thankfully I was able to add Gamora and Miles right away.

By the end I had a rotation of 4 teams and it took all of those teams to grind through DD 1, which I completed in 55 days. Yikes!. My teams were hodge-podged together but finally I was able level up Mr. Sinister and he was the key to completing the final node. Once I re-entered, I needed about 2 weeks to decompress. My main team took me halfway on day one and then I completed it in 2 days of game play.

Marvel Strike Force Dark Dimension 1 - courtesy of Gaming-fans

I am sure I could have sped up the process of going through DD1 the first time if I would have been willing to pour resources into my available characters, but what would have been the point of a 70K Ant-man?

[Listen, I didn’t know they were going to be all-in on a Pym team at the time!]

I also started to gain a lot of characters such as Crossbones and Shuri. Of course, I was willing to pour resources into Shuri. Crossbones? Not so much. The characters that I did land on as my key team were Gamora, Mantis, Captain America, Carnage, Venom, until I was able to add Mr. Sinister for the last node. The next time through, Mr. Sinister replaced Gamora and the team rolled.

I would still use the low level characters such as Ant-man, Crossbones and Mysterio to enter a new node first and take away some early special and ultimate attacks. I also found this kill order guide which helped a great deal!

Dark Dimension 1 Rewards

So then, the rewards.

When you complete DD1 you get a haul of orange gear. Not to mention the gold and mega orb shards for completing nodes along the way. The use of orange gear should only go to your DD2 team.

The team I wanted to build was going to be around Minnerva, which is a universal recommendation. Left to right the team I invested in was Star-Lord, Minnerva, Thanos, Symbiote Spiderman, Emma Frost. I did get particularly lucky with red stars on all these characters; they’re all at 4 red stars or higher. Emma wasn’t on most lists before I entered, but she is still relatively new. She is a GREAT controller to take in to DD2 because her special clears buffs from the team. But I will get more into the actually process of DD2 in the next post.

If you have these characters at a decent star level, I highly recommend this team! Many people use Rocket and Groot along with Starlord and Minnerva, so if you have them leveled up, got for it! Of course, you have to invest in them gear-wise so it does come down to how many yellow stars and how lucky you have been with red stars to increase their power.

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

Game Radar

Blitz: Monday we’re focusing on Jessica Jones, from Defenders fame! Thursday, get ready because CAPTAIN MARVEL is here!

Events: Nothing special this week.

Upcoming Legendary: Nick Fury is on the way later this week, so buff up your Kree minions if you can!

Black Bolt: April 27th, August 17th, December 7th (Requires Asgardians 5-star)

Shuri: May 11th, August 31st (Requires Spider-verse 5-star)

Ebony Maw: May 25th, September 14th (Requires Inhumans 5-star with Black Bolt)

Phoenix: June 8th, September 28th (Requires Mystic Villain Controller 6-star)

Star-Lord: June 22nd, October 12th (Requires Guardians or Ravagers 5-star)

Nick Fury: July 20th, November 11th (Requires Kree Minions 5-star)

Magneto: August 3rd, November 23rd (Requires X-Men and/or Brotherhood 5-star)

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