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Which X-Men Best Battle Apocalypse’s Horsemen?

This weekend X-Men: Apocalypse hit the big screen. While the early reviews were uneven I still plan on seeing it within the week. Therefore, this is by no means a review. This isn’t a primer article either (that has been handled already…

Who Wins It? Thor vs. Wolverine

Who wins the Marvel Final Round fight between Wolverine (who bested Iron Man in Round One; and Captain America in Round Two) and Thor (who toppled Storm in Round 1, then Doctor Strange in Round 2)?  Read on to discover the final result of…

7 X-men the Movies Overlooked

I own the X-men trilogy that started in 2000. Why? I found them cheap on eBay, I think. I have watched all the other movies, Wolverine (Origins), First Class, and Days of Futures Past and well, they suck. I didn’t use to think they…