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Weekly Nerd Chat: Our Comic Book Recommendations

Us nerds like nothing more than to banter back and forth on nerdy topics in Slack. Here is one of those chats, very lightly edited.

Our Comic Book Recommendations

Jason (Co-founder of Nerds on Earth: The Brawn.) This weekly as we gather for our weekly chat, we want to spend some time on what was my first nerd love: comic books. These are exciting times to be a comic book fan. What books and creators are you all digging right now?

Adkins (Co-founder of Nerds on Earth: The Looks.)  Sadly, I’ve let my Marvel Unlimited subscription lapse and have yet to renew it, so I am in a comic desert right now. Going to open up a box at the local shop soon, but for now I’m running on E with comics. What kind of nerd am I?!

That said: Tell me what I should be reading when I get back on the comic horse.

Clave (Co-found of Nerds on Earth: The Brains.) Well, you are no kind of nerd I want to be associated with! How dare you?!!?

I’m reading mostly independent stuff right now, but I can bring a little of the Big 2 if you need me to.

Jason So Marvel and DC have both rebooted or soon will their universes. And when that happens weB50 get some new things and new stories. With DC’s reboot, there is one title that I could not be more stoked for: Wonder Woman!

Adkins Anything specific have you hyped for the new Wonder Woman run, Jason?

Clave Wonder Woman is Greg Rucka, right?

Jason I have talked about Rucka and his ability to write strong female characters. After a long hiatus following a falling out, he is returning to DC and doing something interesting: odd issues tell one story while the even issues are set in the past and, hopefully set up a new less convoluted backstory and origin for Diana.

Clave That even/odd thing is interesting.

Jason And they are using different artists for the different stories, which means they likely can keep these teams together for the long haul.

Clave I give it 12 issues before it is rebooted.

Adkins Clave: always the cynic.

Clave Was that too cynical? That was too cynical, wasn’t it?

Jason I await the new new new 52 with everyone else.

Clave I’ll start with a deep cut: Wild Blue Yonder. WBY is an IDW 6-issue series. DIG005111_1._SX360_QL80_TTD_It’s about a future where the planet is polluted, so the few remaining survivors fly around in airships. To keep them in the air, they mine the mountain tops for resources.

You’d think it would be grim, but it’s pulpy action. It’s by Mike Raicht and Zach Howard, and is wonderfully drawn.

Jason Is that a fully done story or an ongoing?

Clave Fully done. And I don’t think there are plans for more. It’s tough with those indys.

Jason It is a curse and a blessing in Indy books: you can know that something has a fixed start and end. Hinders the big 2’s books sometimes.

Clave Speaking of reboots, I can drop a Marvel title on you.

Jason Feel free. I want to know what I will be seeing on the big screen in 6 years!

Clave I burned through Thor: Goddess of Thunder.

Jason Ah. So break that down for us and why you like it.

Clave Last year (I think) Jason Aaron gave the world a female Thor.marvel-reveals-female-thor-s-identity-402690

One word: FUN.

Jason And kept it a secret who the new Thor was for a long time correct?

Clave It had old school Thor classics (I mean some of the BIG BADS), but gave things a fresh new twist. The reveal was worth it as well.

I can’t say anymore as I pledge to review the series. Stay tuned on this very website!!

Jason And the female Thor is still reigning in the rebooted Marvel universe?

Clave Alas, it was cut short when Marvel did their Secret Wars thing. But I think Jason Aaron might still be on the rebooted title.

Adkins What, if anything, is Aaron doing different with the character given the gender difference? Or can you give me that much without stepping on your review’s toes?

Clave As is typical with Thor, you need to play up the ‘worthy’ when talking about who is wielding the hammer. Let’s just say she IS worthy.

Jason Marvel drops a new book this week that I am super pumped for: Black Panther!

Clave Yeah, I heard about this one! What’s the vibe?

Adkins Never got into the King of Wakanda myself. What’s got you excited?

Jason It is written by Ta-Nehisi Coates! Coates is an African American writer who wrote a tremendous book and has written for The Atlantic, largely on race and the issues surrounding it. And with Black Panther’s history, it could be an example of stunt writer placement.

Clave You have to hand it to Marvel, they are mixing it up.

Jason And because it could feel like a stunt in getting him to write until I dug a little deeper. Check out this video:

Adkins Has Coates worked on a comic title before?

Jason The guy legitimately loves comics and Marvel specifically. I am really pumped to see a story of the Black Panther that isn’t scared to take on the issue of race. They already have what he calls “Season 1” all done.

And, as far as I know, this is his first comic work and he had shared a lot about the experience on Twitter. I have seriously booked off lunch time to go pick this up at my local shop

Clave I’d like to squeeze in a little Black Science into your lives. Black Science by blackscience01_coverARick Remender (Image) is very much the spiritual successor to Fear Agent, which is one of my all time favorites. No one does pulpy science fiction better than Remender.

Adkins I loved Remender’s Low. Definitely sci-fi gold.

Jason Ah, Remender! After a epic run at Marvel, he has moved to Image and their all creator owned model. What makes Black Science so great? It has won several picks of the week from the guys at @ifanboy.

Clave And no ones writes self-defeating white guys like Remender either, so I’m shocked he doesn’t write Rick from The Walking Dead, but I digress. Anyway, Black Science is a great read.

Jason And to close: well, it is nearly impossible to talk comics without a movie mention. Guys: they have started casting the New Mutants movie. It has a ton of potential coming in the post Age of Apocalypse X-Men world. Want to get a head start? The original graphic novel is on Marvel Unlimited.

Clave I will not appear on another Slack Chat until they relaunch New Mutants, as they rightly should.

Adkins Oh, you’ll chat. They always chat. (Maniacal laughter)

Jason Cypher 4 Life.

Clave Gotta go. I’ll be rereading the Demon Bear Saga (New Mutants 18-21).

Jason I wish all comics were that good!

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