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Weekly Nerd Chat: Favorite Real Life Nerd

Us nerds like nothing more than to banter back and forth on nerdy topics in Slack. Here is one of those chats, very lightly edited.

[divider]Favorite Nerd IRL. Discuss![/divider]

Jason (Co-founder of Nerds on Earth and podcast enthusiast) So, as we gather for this week’s chat, here is what I want to know: who are your favorite nerds in the real world? Who do you look to for your nerd role models?

Morgan (Googler of all things Vin Diesel) I have two different answers for that. I think one of my favorite real life nerds is Vin Diesel. But my nerdy role model is Felicia Day.

Adkins (Co-founder of Nerds on Earth and Fillion fanatic) Vin Diesel is an interesting choice. When you look at him, he doesn’t exactly scream “nerd,” but he has some substantial nerd credentials. What about him specifically solidifies him in your mind as favorite?

Jason Vin Diesel? Like, the guy from the Fast and Furious movies? And The Pacifier?

Morgan Heck yeah! Ok he has this tough guy exterior, but he is the hugest D&D nerd. He has one of his character’s names tattooed on his stomach!

Adkins I didn’t know that!

Morgan Oh yeah. By the way, the name is Melkor.

Adkins Okay, now you’re either being super creepy or your Google-fu is strong.

Morgan But also he got to make the world fall in love with a huge loveable tree just by saying 3 words. “I am Groot.”final-cover

Jason I will co-sign Felicia Day. Her book (which I “read” on Audible) was a fantastic and, at times, really heart warming. And there is no doubt that what she has built at Geek and Sundry helps all the nerds; my favorite show? Tabletop.

You all have favorite Geek and Sundry shows?

Morgan I always knew Diesel was a huge nerd, so I wanted to see how much of a nerd he was, googled and his nerd life is something he is literally branded with.

Her book seriously made me tear up at how relatable it was. But I love watching her and her brother on Co-optitude.

Jason My characters all die too soon to be inked on my body.

Morgan Hahaha I make too many characters to be attached to one.

Adkins I’m a fan of Tabletop, as well – a smooth point in this chat to stake my claim on Wil Wheaton as my favorite IRL nerd.  And I don’t base my selection on his fictional roles hardly at all (although I do like him in both The Guild and even Big Bang Theory…yeah…never got into Star Trek).

Jason Hard to not like Wheaton, though his Twitter feed sadly demonstrates otherwise. I loved his work in the Titansgrave season one campaign, where he was GM. Plus many of his fictional stories are really good as well. Any specific things you would point to Adkins?mod-6214-wheaton

Adkins I like a lot about him, and he’s got his hands in a lot of pots. Author, narrator, host…But one of my favorite things about him would be his definition of what it even means to be a nerd.  He said, “The way you love [something], and the way that you find other people who love it the way you do is what makes you a nerd. The defining characteristic of [being a nerd] is that we love things.”

Jason I would lift up another YouTube star. Or rather set of stars: the vlog brothers Hank and John Green. John is probably more well known as author of books like The Fault in Our Stars. But together they have built a great thing in their Nerdfighters group and DFTBA. (Don’t forget to be awesome.)

Adkins Wheaton has also got a taste for craft beer and has even collaborated with some major brewers on a few beers himself (which I’ve had and loved).

Morgan Oh snap, nerdy beer tasting anyone?!

Adkins Yes, please!

Jason And they do a run every year where they raise money for different causes around the world, some chosen and some nominated by their viewers. Plus their advice podcast is really smart and authentic.

Morgan Also I remember seeing the Green brothers on YouTube before I knew they were authors, and I actually enjoyed watching them. They are some smart dudes.maxresdefault-4

Adkins I’ll have to look into that, Jason. I’ve heard of John Green but only associated that name with unappealing (to me, at least) YA.

Jason I understand that some people don’t like John’s books but I like them for what they are. And
without a doubt, Hank and John are both smart and caring. And surprisingly compassionate, which is what I like in my nerds.

Adkins Oh, I make no judgment on the books’ contents. Can’t do that fairly as I’ve not read any – you know, seeing as they don’t appeal to me at the first.

Jason What about things like nerd podcasts? Any favorites that keep you hooked on nerd things?

Adkins I’m currently making my way through several RPG actual play podcasts. Up to date on Crit Juice and Glass Cannon. Up next: Board with Life. Haven’t been disappointed in a personality yet.

Morgan I don’t listen to any podcasts really, even though I’ve been recommended multiples that I would love to sit down and listen to.

Jason I am as old an iFanboy podcast fan as there is. Somehow I found them way, way early in their run and now they are on episode 520. 10 years of weekly comic book discussion! Even when I haven’t been reading comics on the regular, I’ve listened to their show. Just smart, funny comic book talk among 3 guys who really know, like and understand comics and want to help others.

Plus the show’s Josh Flanagan threatened all listeners lives if they didn’t buy Lazarus, which is how I discovered my current favorite comic

Adkins Ha, nice!

Okay, to close out this week’s chat…a hypothetical question!

If you could be besties with any nerdlebrity who would it be?

Morgan Ha my answer will be the same. Definitely still Felicia Day.

Adkins I applaud your consistency. Jason?hamilton-the-musical-official-broadway-poster-3.gif

Jason Mine comes with an agenda. Lin-Manuel Miranda. 1) He has incredible nerd credentials. 2) Genius creator of the musical Hamilton. 3) I need to make sure that he never licenses that musical to upper middle class white schools. Because no one needs to see that happen. (Hamilton is on Spotify and it is amazing and everyone should check it out.)

And you Michael?

Morgan I love Hamilton!

Adkins Nathan Fillion all the way.

Jason Captain Tightpants. I feel you.

Adkins Not only do I think he and I would get along IRL, but he rolls in some circles I can appreciate.

But, yeah, way to make it creepy there, Jason.

Jason The hammer is…my answer.

Adkins HA! On that note, we’ll shut ‘er down.

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