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Marvel Strike Force: Astonishing X-Men Announcements

Welcome back to MSF Mondays!

Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Mobile Strike Force!

This past week we got a series of short blog announcements on the new team coming to Marvel Strike Force, the Astonishing X-Men! With this, there comes a lot of prep for us as players. It was officially announced 12/4 that Jubilation Lee, A.K.A. Jubilee, will be the legendary for the Astonishing X-Men. While this seems to be a topic of a lot of varying opinions, we aren’t here to debate the merit of Jubilee as a Legendary character.

We are here to plan how to get this team unlocked for gameplay!

Marvel Strike Force: Astonished

Beast is getting a rework and receiving the “Astonish” tag. This puts 4 people on the Astonishing X-Men team: Beast, Iceman, Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat, and Jubliee. And this team is shaping up to be a very interesting team. We know the kits of Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake aka Iceman and Kitty Pryde.

We have not had a look at Jubilee’s kit just yet, and we will need at least one more member to round out this team. I know that’s a fairly short blurb for what we know, but that’s really all we have at this juncture.

Marvel Strike Force Legendary Events Requirements
Marvel Strike Force Legendary Event Requirements, minus Jubilee

Marvel Strike Force: What We Don’t Know

Right now, we don’t know the aforementioned 5th member of the team. Of course, we could join the speculation parade, but that really isn’t our thing here at Nerds of Earth. So, we will just eagerly await the announcement when it comes.

We also don’t know how any of the toons will be released. Of course Jubilee will be a special unlock as a legendary toon. Even with that knowledge, we have no idea what will be needed to unlock her. Sometimes it is a team, such as X-Force being needed for Doc Ock. Sometimes it is a tag like Spider-verse for Shuri, And sometimes it is a ridiculous combo like Villain/Mystic/Controller for Phoenix.

We have been promised that minions will no longer be required to unlock legendary toons, so we can probably assume it will be a team. Most people are speculating it will be Pym Tech. However, we will have to wait and see.

Marvel Strike Force: Preparing for Jubilee

The second main point of prep is that there will be a serious crunch on Mutant gear! So the time to start planning is NOW!

The game has a tendency to do this. They have been releasing whole teams recently and this leaves us as players in a crunch on leveling up these whole teams. The reality is that this game is a plan ahead game, unless you are going to whale out and spend money.

So what can we do to stockpile Mutant gear?

Well, this one is tricky, because there are certain areas where you can buy gear using in game currency.

Most people feel a gold crunch, but the MAIN store offers a rotation of gear that will be needed for these incoming mutants. Also, I am at a point with my Raid store characters that I can now use Raid store currency on gear, even down to blue gear I need specifically. You simply might not be at this point, and that’s OK – just stay the course with farming characters. The WAR store also has gear, but DO NOT spend WAR store currency on anything lower than Orange superior unique items!

Here is the most up-to-date infographic I could find:

You can also be very intentional with your energy and farm nodes that offer Mutant gear:

Blue Gear

  • Hero 4.3 6.8
  • Villains 3.5 4.3 4.8 4.9 5.3 5.6
  • Nexus 1.8 2.1 2.5 3.3 3.7 4.7 4.8 5.6
  • Cosmic 1.1 1.4 2.1
  • Mystic 1.2

Purple Gear

  • Villains 6.2 6.8 5.5
  • Nexus 4.6 5.4 5.7 6.7 7.4 7.8 8.3
  • Cosmic 1.7 2.2 2.4 3.4
  • Mystic 1.5 2.5 2.7 2.8

Orange Gear

  • Villains 7.1 7.5 
  • Nexus  8.2 8.3  

The reason I have typed out these nodes is that while you can search for gear straight from the character page in rosters, I have found that the drops aren’t as consistent. If you read every Monday, you know that I am susceptible to a good tin foil hat theory. However, as we prepare for a major influx of mutant characters, just check it out for yourself!

Game Radar

Blitz: Hope you’ve been eating those apples because Monday’s Blitz is Dr. Strange! Thursday brings us round two of Yellow Jacket.

Upcoming Legendary: There was a bit of confusion after the blog post as if the rotation stays consistent, the next character should be Shuri. HOWEVER the blog post stated that Maw is returning. So hopefully you are prepared for both already no matter who ends up being next in rotation.

Black Bolt: April 27th, August 17th, December 7th (Requires Asgardians 5-star)

Shuri: May 11th, August 31st (Requires Spider-verse 5-star)

Ebony Maw: May 25th, September 14th (Requires Inhumans 5-star with Black Bolt)

Phoenix: June 8th, September 28th (Requires Mystic Villain Controller 6-star)

Star-Lord: June 22nd, October 12th (Requires Guardians or Ravagers 5-star)

Nick Fury: July 20th, November 11th (Requires Kree Minions 5-star)

Magneto: August 3rd, November 23rd (Requires X-Men and/or Brotherhood 5-star)

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