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7 Interesting Comic Characters You Should Know

We here at Nerds on Earth love sharing what we love.  We award ourselves double points if something we love becomes newly relevant when TV shows and movies are announced that feature our favorites.

Ooo!  Ooo!  ___________________ is getting his/her/their own movie/TV series?!  I love him/her/them!  Let me tell you why you should care about him/her/them, too!

If we had a secret formula, that would be it.

And we’ve stuck to it faithfully for over two years, but you might not have been around since day one.  Who knows what you’ve missed?!

We do!

So how about a little Christmas in July from the writers at Nerds on Earth to you?

Here is our list of 7 Interesting Comic Characters You Should Know!

7 Interesting Comic Characters You Should Know

1.  Iron Fistimmortal iron fist danny rand
Our most recent installment in the Comic Characters You Should Know series features Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist. Jason published this one just ahead of the teaser trailer for the character’s impending Netflix series.

And who doesn’t want to read up on or watch a television series center upon a guy who gets his powers by plunging his hands into the molten heart of a dragon?  Iron Fist is a sort of spiritual predecessor to One Punch Man, so if you’re into crazy powerful haymakers, he’s your man.

Here is the full profile of Iron Fist, or jump right into one of his important comic runs.


2.  The Suicide Squadsuicide squad movie
Another group getting some San Diego Comic Con trailer love, this motley crew of villainous expendables is due in theaters next month (August 2016)!

Ross walks you through the cast of characters by way of John Ostrander’s 1987-1992 maiden run with the gang.

Your time to read a quick primer on them grows short, so jump on it now! Here it is. And here’s one of their newer comic runs.


3.  Negan
The new and nefarious baddie in our beloved The the walking dead negan lucilleWalking Dead show, Negan made quite the entrance! He had been built up slowly and steadily throughout the last season by name, and then makes a chill-inducing appearance at the end of the finale brandishing Lucille (and taking the life of a TBA member of Rick’s crew).

Clave outlines the depths of Negan’s brutality and horror. Definitely worth checking out before the new season launches on October 9th! Here it is and here is Negan’s first appearance in the comics.


4.  Black Pantherblack panther

My personal favorite from this year’s Captain America: Civil War, well played by Chadwick Boseman, Wakanda’s Black Panther has found his way to the silver screen and will have his own movie come 2018.

He also has a stellar comic in production right now by Ta-Nehisi Coates that is definitely worth picking up from your local comic shop or digital outlet.

Here’s our profile.


5.  Longshotlongshot marvel comics

While he’s not due out on a television or movie theater screen anytime soon, Longshot is definitely a worthy read – particularly Ann Nocenti’s original introductory mini series for the probability-field-affecting, mullet-sporting hero.

It absolutely bleeds the 1980s, and that is no bad thing! Here’s our profile on Longshot.



6.  Psylocke

Most people seemed pretty unimpressed with Olivia Munn’s portrayal of Psylocke in this year’s X-Men Apocalypse, which bums me out because her comic history – while convoluted – is pretty fascinating.  Psylocke goes from model to telepathic ninja in pretty short order, and Clave gives you a rundown of her top 7 story arcs.

Here’s the full post.



7.  Penance668d16560b77080ffb2f060bf3cbe664

I first bumped into Penance when he was touring with the Thunderbolts and was intrigued enough by his transformation to hunt down his other appearances.  That lead me to the Relentless miniseries which takes Penance from mopey, self-harming sad guy to a ruthless and calculating evil genius in five short singles.

It’s still one of my favorite “Oh SNAP!” moments in comics.

Here’s the full profile on Penance.

There you have it!  In no particular order and with every intent of giving you plenty of reading to do over the next few weeks. Familiarize yourself with these characters now so you can proudly proclaim that you knew them before they were cool as they rise to stardom!

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