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Marvel Strike Force: Secret Ops Event!

Last night Marvel Strike Force started another milestone event called Covert Ops, and this one is going to be a tough one! We are already coming off of the Red Winter event that allowed the Red Guardian character to be maybe unlocked, and these types of events are most difficult for the middle-of-the-pack players and alliances.

The reason being that you have to use characters with special tags, such as the Military tag for this event, which generally weakens alliance members’ usefulness in Raids. Just the other day in our Alliance Discord channel we were discussing this event and I stated that it might be best to not focus so much on this event, especially at the cost of our overall progression.

Military Tags for the Event

Then Wolverthor came out with a video about the event and he suggests you do NOT want to miss out on the armory 14 and 15 rewards! He points out that the drops are equal for your unique pieces of gear which is too good to pass up. He also suggests going for the Tier 15 orb rather than the Tier 14 because those T14 pieces are in stores.

So here we are, trying to figure out our best play as mostly free to play or guppy-level spenders. I don’t know about you, but my Military characters are not much to look at.

At least the Emma Milestone is still also going on, so we do need to spend Gold to get the High Roller rewards. However, we need to decide if we are willing to spend it on Military characters vs. others.

I am not thrilled about the Skilitary team and I wrote about it here, so now do I walk back my words as say build em’ and use em’ for this event?

Wolverthor does a good job of walking through how to maximize—without fully knowing all the details yet. So he points out that what he is laying out is mostly in concept of the event, the real math will be worked out once the event goes live and we see all the details.

Arena: Normally it is not recommended to sacrifice Arena for these types of events, however, if you are going to sacrifice, try to use at least 2-3 attacks to position yourself for good rewards, then use the remaining 2-3 attacks to utilize your military characters and hope for the best.

Blitz: This one should pretty happen organically as you should be cycling through all your teams in blitz. The key here is if you gain more points for wins, you want to be mindful of using your military toons for wins as opposed to taking the loses on these teams.

Raids: This is where it gets tough on Alliances rather than just the individual. Normally in these types of events, some people can just roll with whoever they are supposed to use and others won’t be strong enough to maintain their lane responsibilities in Raids.

If your alliance is normal in the Greek 4 and U7 range, but you have done it with very specific teams being built by specific alliance members, all that strategy is likely out the window.

So, as an Alliance you will have to decide, do we take a step back in raids for this event, or just play as normal? Our alliance just merged with our buddies at the BPN and we are just cracking the U6 difficulties. We may have to take a step back to U5 or just stay at level 1 of U6 during this event, and we will decide that very soon.

All in all, this event is one that you are planning for the future. Even if DD4 seems forever away, these gear tier 14 and 15 rewards are MUST HAVE items, so you may have to sacrifice immediate growth, for future success.

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

Game Radar

Blitz: Kitty Pryde just started, but wait for Monday’s article on next week’s blitzes.

Upcoming Events: We just went over this – Secret Ops!

Emma Milestones continue to churn along, so keep spending that gold.

Upcoming Legendary: Phoenix should be coming next, with 6* Villain Mystic Controllers required! There’s a calendar going on to help you prepare, so take advantage!

Black Bolt: April 27th, August 17th, December 7th (Requires Asgardians 5-star)

Shuri: May 11th, August 31st (Requires Spider-verse 5-star)

Ebony Maw: May 25th, September 14th (Requires Inhumans 5-star with Black Bolt)

Phoenix: June 8th, September 28th (Requires Mystic Villain Controller 6-star)

Star-Lord: June 22nd, October 12th (Requires Guardians or Ravagers 5-star)

Nick Fury: July 20th, November 11th (Requires Kree Minions 5-star)

Magneto: August 3rd, November 23rd (Requires X-Men and/or Brotherhood 5-star)

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