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Marvel Strike Force: Is there a Future for MSF? Part 2!


Welcome back to MSF Mondays!

Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

Most assuredly you have heard the cries that the sky is falling on MSF for the past couple weeks or so, and some content creators are calling for round 2 of #FixMSF and another spending strike. The last patch wasn’t great, from the content and in game things addressed to the myriad of bugs in the game and legendary schedule errors.

However, here at Nerds on Earth we are not about the gloom and doom. So I want to take a bit of a proactive approach to all the salty being thrown around.

Last week I shared this video by PaPokeman and it is totally worth listening to, and last week I broke down 3 main points from the video. This week I want to narrow the focus to farmability of characters, and talk about something Isaac (PaPokeman) has pitched multiple times, an overhaul of the current stores, orbs and farmable nodes.

So let’s jump right in to suggestions of how to overhaul the MSF stores!

So, how do we fix Marvel Strike Force?

Currently we have 4 stores where you can farm characters or gear: Blitz, Raid, Arena, and WAR and each come with unique functionality. A beginner will not have all these stores unlocked (which is actually nice because it would be overwhelming to process all the stores as a beginner.) So as you progress as a player, you unlock modes of the game which unlock their corresponding stores and these stores should very much have ascending levels of prestige.

Blitz Store

This store is open to players right away and should serve as the first round of characters needed. At this point in the game the Blitz store actually makes the most sense in how it is set up and (even though PaPokeman might suggest an all new store of minions).

I believe that the Blitz store should contain all of the minions—so remove them from all nodes and other stores. While this will make the pool of the blitz store rather large, 32 rather than the current 19, Blitz currency is very easy to come by and they can remove the catalyst gear they have for sale, but please don’t remove the WAR refreshes!

Raid Store

Raid store is almost a dead space for character farming once a player gets to the midgame level. A lot of players shift hard to orbs only and use currency for gear. The Purple gear in the Raid store is a great value, but blue and Orange are less so.

The characters available are on a rotation of 3 spots, I would suggest removing blue gear from the store all together, then add 6 spots of characters, filling the store with characters displaced form the blitz store.

Removing minions from this store took the toons from 16 to 7, add Domino and Electro from Blitz.

Arena Store

Removing minions from this orb took the total characters from 19 to 15, and realistically, without shuffling toons, 15 is fine as it gives us even rows of 3. Also, there are plenty of open nodes after removing minions form nodes, so we do not need to add any toons here.

If MSF wanted to preserve the level of prestige of the Arena store, they can shuffle, but I would stick with 15 character-only spots.

WAR Store

There is no store that is more frustrating for players than the WAR store, and it seems that MSF likes it that way, so I will shall not deign to argue for all characters to appear in this store consistently. But let’s make this premium currency store really prestigious.

We removed minions already, let’s also remove Pyro and Nobu (Nobu has a node and give Pyro a node.) and add Cull, Beast, Symbiote Spider-Man and Yo-Yo to the remaining toons. That would make it an even 9 and let them continue to rotate.  

I, like much of the player base, refute the idea of “fountainable” and do not believe in orb-only characters. So when all is said and done, Coulson should get a node, and we can address the rest of orbs in yet another post, as this one really got long in a hurry! We will also address farmability through nodes in the next post as well, because there are too many duplicate characters with nodes, to then have other toons as orb only.

Well I know this doesn’t really help take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander, but my hope with this series is to take MSF as a game from a D+ to a B- or better!  

Game Radar

Blitz: Monday’s Blitz is the Wakandan Protector, M’Baku! Thursday is the second round of Bishop for the Astonishing X-Men team!

Upcoming Legendary: Black Bolt is coming up and since the schedule got shuffled they are going to double the shards for your Asgardians in the log-in calendar leading up to this Legendary event!

Black Bolt: April 27th, August 17th, December 7th (Requires Asgardians 5-star)

Shuri: May 11th, August 31st (Requires Spider-verse 5-star)

Ebony Maw: May 25th, September 14th (Requires Inhumans 5-star with Black Bolt)

Phoenix: June 8th, September 28th (Requires Mystic Villain Controller 6-star)

Star-Lord: June 22nd, October 12th (Requires Guardians or Ravagers 5-star)

Nick Fury: July 20th, November 11th (Requires Kree Minions 5-star)

Magneto: August 3rd, November 23rd (Requires X-Men and/or Brotherhood 5-star)

Marvel Strike Force Legendary calendar
Marvel Strike Force Legendary Calendar by

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