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Marvel Strike Force: Left to Your Own Resources

Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force!

The next few weeks we are going to talk about resource management. While many of us have undoubtedly felt one or two resource crunches while playing this game, there are ways to progress through the game modes and not be limited by resource scarcity.

The two most common ones are gold and training materials (or training mats), and while I have felt a crunch on each of these both at times in the game, I have used advice from various content creators to protect myself from running into these scarcities, while still advancing the right toons for my in-game goals.

First and foremost, you cannot simply stop spending resources to build up a reserve and wait for the toons you want to use them. That will simply hold you back in the long run. I will get more into advancing through the game and setting goals through out the next few weeks as well, but essentially the “gotta spend money to make money” adage applies here.

If you are not spending resources on your toons to advance game modes, you are stagnating your progress. More importantly, if you are spending resources on the wrong toons, you are likely painting yourself into a corner for your late game progression. As we will tackle gold first, I will introduce to what I like to call…

The Golden Rule of Marvel Strike Force Progression

You should aim to spend the gold to hit milestone 10 on the High Roller daily event. This is 1 million gold each day. The return on investment here is that you should be spending it on toons that are advancing. It also allows you to collect a good amount of power cores and orb fragments. On the standard daily High Roller they stop issuing cores as rewards after #10, so just stop here.

You might think, “But Nash, gold is my crunch and I don’t have a milly to spend each day.” This is because you have been spinning your wheels and progressing toons that maybe haven’t helped you advance in the right areas.

For the early-game player sometimes the CHALLENGES get put on the back burner for CAMPAIGN game modes, which is understandable because we want to unlock toons. However, unlocking toons with no resources to build them up leaves you in a weird spot down the road.

Early on, you need to figure out which City characters you have that can carry you through the Gold Rush challenge! Advancing well in this challenge, coupled with where you can accrue gold otherwise – doing daily objectives, raiding, etc – will net you a good amount of gold.

Marvel Strike Force Pro Tip

Another tip I have mentioned before is to use Blitz orbs exclusively to obtain character shards. Not only does it allow you to gain more gold as you go, but you get more bang for your buck by saving 150 Blitz credits when you open an orb versus buying shards directly. This has allowed me to earn gold and I am well on my way to maxing all the characters in the Blitz store (including Domino) because given enough time and pulls, the shards will drop. This is truly a war of attrition, but well worth a little diligence on your part.

Now, before you go out and max you Defenders to cruise through the gold challenge I want to reiterate that you don’t want to spend resources on toons willy-nilly. That’s a term that scientists use to say that means ‘wildly.’

Here is my list of city characters (which you are limited to for the gold rush challenge) that you will have no regrets leveling up:

  • Symbiote Spider-Man,
  • Venom,
  • Anti-Venom,
  • Scream,
  • Ghost Rider,
  • Moon Knight,
  • White Tiger,
  • and of course Doc Ock.

Legendaries are generally safe bets to pour resources into, and if you do have Doc Ock, then you can safely spend resources on Electro and Swarm. The other Sinister Six are dependent on your red stars.

Editors Note: Nash’s comment about the Sinister Six is outlandish. The Sinister Six are the best toons in the game, REGARDLESS of what the top streamers say. They’re amazing! -Abram

Take this week and try to get yourself one level closer to Tier 14 in the Gold Rush. Remember it will pop up a total of 3 times weekly, and make sure to always cash in on the rewards. So if you get stuck at a level and run out of free time to grind, go to your last 3-star and auto to cash in on your tokens. The nice thing with challenges is that you only lose a token for a win, if you lose you get to keep trying!

Then, as best you can, make it close to level 10 in High Roller DAILY. If you can only truly spare 500k, then do that but you should be coming away with more gold than that if you are using 50 core refreshes on energy and doing all your dailies.

We will talk about power cores in the next post! Or, as resident X-Men expert Clave calls them, “Diet Coke Cans,” because they look like little soda cans.

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

Game Radar

Blitz: Monday’s blitz starts with Guardian Healer extraordinaire, Mantis! On Thursday, another meta-defining toon hits Blitz when Hela comes to town!

Current Events: Falcon and Winter Soldier event is ongoing with the special event energy.

Upcoming Legendary: Phoenix is live on Monday, and has the weird mixture of Villain, Mystic, Controllers. More importantly Phoenix should be the start of the Legendary cycle which means Jubilee should be back soon. Farm those Pym Tech toons and be ready to unlock the key to Astonishing X–Men!

Marvel Strike Force Legendary calendar
Marvel Strike Force Legendary Calendar by

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